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The Airfreight Baggage Company is an Australian owned family business, with over 30year’s experience in international airfreight.

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We can send your excess baggage and personal goods to

  • EVERY international airport
  • ANYWHERE in the world
  • EVERY day of the week


We deliver to your home

  • 2 FREE cartons
  • FREE packing tape

At the Airfreight Baggage Company

We believe that in many ways, your goods are more important than commercial goods. After all commercial goods can be insured and replaced, your personal goods cannot be replaced. The owners of the business, Kevin and Grace, both have personal experience in shipping their personal goods overseas. They realized the need in the industry for good quality information to be provided to customers, and the need for a better more friendly service to be available to people. This was the basis on which the Airfreight Baggage Company was created.

Don’t wait till you get to the airport and you have to pay the expensive airline excess baggage rates. Call us today to see how much you can save by using the Airfreight Baggage Company. After all you have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

All this can be done from the ease and comfort of your own home.

About AirFreight

There are 3 very important things that you need to know about sending your goods as airfreight.



It is a requirement under International Law that airfreight shipments from unknown or non regular shippers be held for a 7 day security holding period in our approved premises.

Please also be aware that the Airfreight Baggage Company has the right to open/remove and dispose of any items that are deemed as dangerous or suspicious by the airline or government departments.

In all cases you will be required to provide a copy of you current valid passport as proof of identity.


Some goods were never meant to fly. Please read our section on dangerous goods as severe fines and penalties can apply for non declaration of dangerous goods.


With airfreight, the cost of shipping is determined by the weight of your goods, or by the space that they use on an aircraft. So for large and light items, such as bicycles and surfboards, the charge is based on the space or volume that is used on an aircraft.
To calculate the volume of your shipment the following formula is used.

LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT (in cms) = Volume Weight

The volume weight is only used if it is greater than the actual weight of your shipment.

Once we are in receipt of your shipment, we will advise you of the following:

  • The airwaybill/tracking number for your shipment.
  • The flight details and the date and time of arrival.

You will be contacted, on arrival of your shipment, by the handling agent at the destination airport. They will advise you of all the local procedures in clearing and collecting your shipment.

Call us today and let the Airfreight Baggage Company show you how to save money on moving your goods overseas. Sending, AND saving really is as simple as A.B.C.


At the Airfreight Baggage Company we believe in supporting charities. We donate 10% of our profits to charitable institutions. So by using the services of the Airfreight Baggage Company your money will help support those in need.

Asthma foundation
Children First Foundation
Children’s Cancer Foundation
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer hospital
Fred Hollows Foundation
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Vision Australia

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